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Ring Out, Connected, but no ones home.

Problem: Calls placed, the number can be dialed on/off hook, the display will indicate Ring Out and then Connected, but nothing is heard--no digits dialing, no party on the other end, etc. But the called party can hear the caller. Sometimes takes anywhere from 1-3 times to get call to go thru.

Also happens occasionally on inbound calls. We can receive the call and hear the caller, but they cannot hear us.


System Setup:

Pub & Sub=Cisco MCS 7825H

1GB memory

MCS Version

CCM-CSA Policy 1.1(7)

CSA Agent

OS Image 2000.2.4

OS SR 2000.2.7sr8

OS Upgrade 2000.2.7

CCM Sys Ver 4.0(2a)es48

CMM Admin Ver 4.0(0.333)

Next are the phone model/quanity/firmware:

7902 2 CP7902060000SCCP050124A.SBIN

7911 25 SCCP11.8-3-3S

7912 18 CP7912080004SCCP080108A.SBIN

7920 2 CMTERM_7920.4.0-01-09

7936 13 CMTERM_7936.3-3-15-0

7940 87 P00308000800

7960 652 P00308000800 (P00306000400 OLD)

7961 288 SCCP41.8-3-3SR2S

7961GE 29 SCCP41.8-3-3SR2S

ATA 186/188 240 (including 2 ports) ATA030100SCCP040211A.ZUP

Inherited problem:

All devices were added to Publisher instead of Subscriber. Currently moving all devices to Subscriber.

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Re: Ring Out, Connected, but no ones home.

Also should mention phone firmware was updated to latest revision, but the CM is still at version 4.0.2. Cannot see where ciscocm.4-0-2a-sr2b.exe was applied.

Management does not want to spend time and resources to upgrade up to version 4.3 at this time, looking to replace both CM's in coming year to v6.0.

Re: Ring Out, Connected, but no ones home.

Are these calls being initiated by a IP phone or analog phone connected to the ATA?

Is this happening to all phones? certain models? analog phones?

sounds like you have a one way audio issue. This is often network related but since you have made some upgrade's the first thing I would check is for any bugs with the CM version and firmware that you are using.

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Justin Brenton

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Re: Ring Out, Connected, but no ones home.

This is happening on all IP phones (we use nothing but Cisco 79xx). The ATA's are used faxing, alarm control panels, etc.

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