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Ring to extension based on the calling number in CM 8.5

I am working on a project and one of the requirements is to make an extension to ring based on the calling number - for example

line 3512 is associated to an IP phone and an analog device (Bell)

IP Phone is connected and registered with CM

Analog Device (Bell) is connected to a MGCP gateway (VG204) via analog port on the gateway

The customer wants to have the following configured

Calls from inside the company no need to ring the night bell; just the IP Phone.

Calls from outside the company need to ring  both the IP Phone and the Bell.

    ______IP Phone (ext 3512) (When someone from inside the co dials ext 3512 - ring phone only


CM-----(WAN)-----323-GW-----PRI----(PSTN)---- When some calls from outside (PSTN) Bell and IP phone need to ring.


    |________ MGCP GW---Bell (analog- ext 3512)

I am not sure if this is even possible. I just thought and ask.

As always any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Ring to extension based on the calling number in CM 8.5


One solution might be to create two DNs, both 3512, in two different partitions.

In your normal internal partition, create a 3512 and assign it to line one on a multi-line phone.

In a new partition, create a 3512 and assign it shared accross the VG204 and the secodn line on the multi-line phone. To do it as a shared line, you would need to register the VG204 using SCCP to CUCM rather than MGCP. There are examples on these forums and elsewhere on doing this, using 'stcapp'.

Finally, ensure that the new partition is only in the CSS of the gateway, and that it is higher in that CSS that the normal internal partition.

That way calls from the GW will ring the shared line, internal calls will just ring the single line.



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