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ringing tone delay after last digit dialled off-hook


Please could you help me in the following problem.

I have CCM 7. A translation pattern has been setup to allow an internal number to be dialled to an external voicemail box using a SIP trunk.

If i pre-dial the interanl ext. number on the IP phone and then press dial on the phone the ringing tone is heard straight away as it should (ie phone on-hook then dial)

The problem is this:

If i take the handset off-hook and then dial the internal ext. number there is about a 7 second delay before there is a ringing tone (ie phone off-hook then dial).

Looking on the forum the pointers seems to be:

1) Service Parameter - Interdigit Timer T302

2) Route Pattern - tick the "Provide outside Dialtone"

3) Overlapping Route Patterns

I've not looked into the above as i wanted someone to confirm which of the above if any are correct, or is there an other solution.

All help most welcome.

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Re: ringing tone delay after last digit dialled off-hook


Option 2 would be incorrect - that controls at what point during off-hook dialling the 'secondary' dial tone is played. This is typically a slightly different dial tone to indicate an external line has been 'seized' - of course, a line has not been seized and it's a comfort tone for users.

The other two options are correct - however the T302 timer is basically a workaround for having an overalapping dial plan. You should always try to fix the dial plan first rather than lower the timer excessively. It's default is 15 seconds, if you are put through after 7 then chances are it's already been reduced.

Reducing it further may make it tricky for users to dial certain numbers.



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Re: ringing tone delay after last digit dialled off-hook

I have fixed the issue. There was a overlapping route plan.

The "Urgent Priority" option had to be ticked within the route plan setup.

This is working ok now.

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