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ROI/Business questions for CISCO IPT


here is the scenario. i have a customer that currently has a single CCM 4.0 and unity 4.0 system in place. he has a total of four locations inclusive of head office. all remote locations are small and are fully IPT. head office is an avaya pbx that we have integrated into the IPT system.

we are in the process of converting head office to full IPT (customer owns legacy PBX).

Now we have proposed a subscriber system along with the necessary IP Phones (150) plus upgrade of their existing CCM. IPCC premium is also in the mix as i have them now using the IPCC 3.5 CO-RESIDENT on the CCM and they would like to now integrate with their existing customer database.

We have sent the costing and the IT manager now has to justify (with good reason) the costs involved to finance. from a business prospective i have not really done this type of justification before although i have a reasonable understanding of what it involves. Basically, im asking for any pointers on sealing this deal.

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Re: ROI/Business questions for CISCO IPT

Hi Arvind,

Here is some info to get you started. Have a look at the following;

Making the Business Case for Unified Communications

Here is an excerpt;

Cost savings are an important part of the decision, but any communications business case should also consider the broad range of resulting financial and strategic improvements, including:

More effective communications

Increased user and IT productivity

Greater operational resilience

Better customer service

ROI Factors

In general, consider four major categories when calculating potential ROI for unified communications:

Reduced hardware, software and maintenance costs

Reduced network management costs

Improved line usage

Increased productivity for users and IT staff.

From this doc;

Here is an excerpt from the extended version;

A study and in-depth interviews conducted by Sage Research (commissioned by Cisco) found that implementing a network with a single, primary vendor gives the customer a substantial opportunity to achieve better ROI than a network built with systems from multiple vendors. A primary vendor supplies the network equipment, telephony systems, IP phones, and associated applications.

The financial benefit found by this study is compelling: the network cost of ownership per endpoint in a primary-vendor network is 26 percent lower than that of a multivendor network. Savings are spread equally across all areas, including network deployment and maintenance, network performance improvements, and benefits for IT and end users.

Sage Research also found that organizations that use a single, primary vendor for IP telephony have a 43 percent lower network cost of ownership than those that do not. The interview participants indicated that these savings come from factors such as 80 percent faster moves, adds, and changes (reported by a manufacturing company), 50 percent less installation time for new sites (cited by a pharmaceutical company), and US$100,000 savings per year by not hiring additional staff (from a government agency).

Enhancing Business with Smarter More Effective Communications

From this doc;

Productivity and the IPC Business case;

Here is one that the CIO and CFO will love :)

Cisco IPC Cost Savings Calculator

Hope this helps! Good luck!


Re: ROI/Business questions for CISCO IPT


Use the IPC ROI calculator.

You will need your CCO login.

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Re: ROI/Business questions for CISCO IPT

thanks a lot guys,

send a few of the documents already and checking out the ROI.

Brand of beer is carib :)

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