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New Member

Route filter in CCM 4.1

Can I configure a route filter to one dial number?.




Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

That all depends on what number you are trying to allow. Each number has it's own 'parts' so to speak. A North American one has different parts than an international number. Once you match up the parts of the number to the correct route filter tag than you simply use the == (& exists) operator and create your filter.

For example, if you wanted to match 1-905-555-1212 your route filter would be:


AREA-CODE == 905 &

OFFICE-CODE == 555 &


International numbers would take a bit more investigation, since they are variable length numbers.

New Member

Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

I think that I have explained bad and you didn't understand me.

I know to build route filters.

Now I want to apply it to a dial number(extension) to a phone in my net with the objetive of block international calls of these phone.


Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

The best thing to do is read the SRND and decide which dialplan method you want to use. The standard is to create a number of route patterns (both route and block) in a partition, add that partition to a CSS and assign that CSS to a phone or a line. The alternative is to add all the 'routes' to the device and all the 'blocks' to the line. This is known as the device/line approach.

Basically, the concept is simple, if you want a device (or a DN) to hit a particular route pattern, whether it is route or block, you simply add that route pattern to a partition that is contained in the calling search space assigned to that device (or DN).

Some things to remember:

- the phone's calling search space is the line CSS + device CSS

- if their is an exact duplicate route pattern, the one hit by the line CSS takes precedenc

- after searching the partitions listed in the phone's CSS the partition is searched (I'm not 100% sure if there exists a route pattern in the phone's CSS but a more exact match in the partition, whether the one in the partition is used)

- the forwarding CSS is not a combination, it is exclusive of the device CSS

So, assuming you are using the standard approach, and you want to permit everything except international dialing, then you could do this:

9.@ route pattern with no filter and route the pattern

9.@ route pattern with filter A and block the pattern

filter A would be:


add the two route patterns to the appropriate partitions where the phones have access to BOTH of the patterns and international calling will be blocked.

New Member

Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

It is a good solution but I think that It won't be useful for me.

I explain to you how my net is configured.

I have route patterns permitting international calls for all dial numbers and two types of partitions one for internal phones gruop and another type for outgoing calls in each office. I have too calling search space assigned to this partitions in each office.

My objetive is block internqational calls in one dial number without do a lot of changes in this configuration. Can you help me?. Thanks.


Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

What do you mean by "dial number" ? Do you mean "directory number", the DN of the phone?

If you can give an illustration of what you have that might help. Just a listing of partitions and calling search spaces and perhaps a route pattern and where it is assigned.

New Member

Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

I attached you an schema of my net.

I have configured too route groups with route lists that has external parttions of each office and gateways of each offices.

I use CCM 4.1

I hope I have explained well.


Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

If I understand your design, what you can do is assign a different calling search space to phone C and in that new calling search space add a partition that has the blocked route pattern.


Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

Just an advice: you won?t get around without understanding Calling search space and partition. these two are the heart of any dial plan of the Cisco Callmanager. Learn to use them and you will master the dial plan quickly.



New Member

Re: Route filter in CCM 4.1

Very helpful advice I know yet the importance of CSS and partitions, I am begining to learn to work with CSS and partitions, I am begining ith IP telephony but your post isn't helpful for my post was created.

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