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Route Group - Caller ID question

Hello - I was wondering if anyone out there has ran into either the same situation I have or something similar. the issue is that we have implemented a new recording system to record all of our voice calls. In order to get that to work properly we needed to modify CallManager so that the caller ID is defined at the route group level. that has made it so that all of our caller ID is the same number for any outbound calls. It turns out that different groups within our company need to have different caller ID for outbound calls. I was just wondering if anyone may have a suggestion or idea that would help me get CallManager configured to send out different caller ID. I was thinking about creating different route groups that would have the different caller ID numbers defined there but I don't know if that will work. Also I am not entirely certain as to where I would tell the phones to use the newly created route group with different caller ID. If anybody out there has any ideas I would be more than willing to give it a shot. Thanks.


Re: Route Group - Caller ID question

I can think in using External Phone mask number, or if H323 us translation rules.

Do you need different caller ID based on Directory Number or what is the requirement?

You can use also Wildcards.

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Re: Route Group - Caller ID question

Thanks for the response to my question. We need the caller ID to be based on the DN that the person is calling from. It was set there before and everything was working just fine but since I had to modify CCM for the recording server I need to come up with another solution based on the same info. Thanks again.


Re: Route Group - Caller ID question

You should configure EXTERNAL PHONE MASK NUMBER in DN and then configure RP or RL to use the External Phone Mask number, or as Calling party number use WILDCARD


DN in 65XX range

You may configure for example a RP:

and use Calling party number:

408 525 65XX

and that should do the trick.


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Re: Route Group - Caller ID question

thanks for the info, but when we set it up that way, it breaks the recorder that we have just implemented. If the caller ID is defined at the DN level, the recorder does not see any outbound calls. So in order to get it to record all of the calls going through our system I had to set it up so that the caller ID is defined on the route group. That is why I think that I need to create several new route groups, partitions, and CSS (one for each of the different caller IDs) and then put the folks that need different caller ID into those partitions and calling search space.

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