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Route incoming calls based on certain condition


I have the following setup and I don't know where to start.

I have CME 8.0 and lot of incoming calls. On CME there are 4 extensions 1000-1004 for example.

On every incoming call I want to interogate a sort of application, maybe an http server, to route the call through proper extensions.

The response of this application(http server) is based on the history number of calls, number of minutes, duration between calls, Dnis. In other words the problem is divided in two small questions:

1. How to record the informations related to no of calls, dnis,minutes etc.

2. How to make CME interpret the result of database conditioning in order to accept and route the calls to proper extensions or reject the calls.

In my vision the simplest solution would be

a. On every call CME calls http://mywebapplication.php?Ano=xxx&Dnis=xxx

b. Web server interogates mysql and process the data

c. webserver responses  to CME "1000" or "reject"

d. CME route the calls to extension 1000 or reject the call

Thank you in advance

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