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Route List Exhausted cm 4.2

I have been getting the following error mailed to me from the RTMT of our call manager

alert from callmanager At 13:34:39 on 07/02/2007 on cluster CCM-1-Cluster.

Number of RouteListExhausted events exceed 3 within 60 minutes.

We have three pri's on a 6608, using call manager 4.2. That is the particular route list that is being referenced. I do not believe there to be any problem with the PRI, or all of the channels being exceeded. All 3 of them have channel selection order as TOP DOWN. I have heard this can cause problems, maybe that is what is generating this error or causing whatever is happening to happen. Can someone give me an idea as to the correct setup for the channel selection order? SHould one be top down, the next bottom up and the third top down?

Thanks for any help


Re: Route List Exhausted cm 4.2

This will depend on what your Telco is using.

If Telco using Top bottom, you use Botton Up.

to avoid glare conditions.

The RouteListExhausted messages indicate that CallManager was unable to send a call to the Route Groups in a Route List.

This is usually as a result of no B channels or ports being available on a gateway for routing a call.

Note that only one gateway should usually be configured per Route Group.

If you have a Route List with an H.323 gateway as the first Route Group, and a second Route Group that should take any

overflow, then sometimes the first H.323 gateway will send a User Busy back to the CallManager if all of its channels/

ports are busy. If this occurs, then the call is not forwarded to the second Route Group in the Route List. If this is how your own Route List is configured, then it is advisable to

set both "Stop Routing on User Busy Flag" and "Stop Routing on Unallocated Number Flag" CallManager service parameters

to "False" (CCMAdmin > Service > Service Parameters > select a server > Cisco CallManager). This will mean that the

CallManager will try other gateways to re-route the call on a User Busy prior to reaching the RouteListExhausted state.

There have been instances where the first H.323 gateway will return Unallocated Number to the CallManager when the Controller

has been shut down.

Alternatively, the site could simply be running out of channels or ports to access the PSTN. If you have no H.323 gateways, then

it is a pretty good indication of having run out of B channels or ports for some reason.

If you never ever see high utilization, then you might want to look at any possible call forwarding loops (i.e. someone forwards

their work phone to their cell phone, and they have their cell phone forwarded back to their work phone). This can cause all

the B channels to be very briefly utilized in the past (this naturally results in the RouteListExhausted event and a fast

busy for the caller being forwarded around in circles).

Please note that you do not have to worry about these "RouteListExhausted" errors unless you are receiving reports that

outbound calls are not completing.

Routelistexhausted means that a call was made and callmanager has gone through all devices in the route list and cannot route

the call. You will get this if someone dials a wrong number...

so most likely you are getting this error not really meaning it indicated a call not completed.

If you do not have complains about calls getting dropped you do not have to worry about and what you can do is to change the

threshold to stop receiving the messages:

Log into RTMT and click on the Alert Menu > Set alert properties > select the alerts you are getting and uncheck the "Enable Alert"

box or selecting the alert type, for example, RouteListExhausted and clcik next, then you will be able to configure a Threshold to

trigger the alert only when the number of RouteListExhausted events exceed a certain number within an hour.

Please let me know if the information provided was useful

New Member

Re: Route List Exhausted cm 4.2

Thank you, yes your information was useful and helpful. Im glad to know there may not be an issue at all, however maybe just wrong number or call not completed. I also appreciate the info on topdown/bottom up. I will check with telco to see how they are delivering and make it opposite.