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Route partition on phone line


We have cucm version 8 what is the reason for the option route partition under line. The reason I ask this if I have no css for line and device but I have assing a partition under router partition under line nothing happens cannot call no where until i assing a css under line or device. So what the point for route partition.  Even if I assign the same partition under route partition to another dn partition I cannot dial that dn in the same partition.  I feel the route partition is useless or is it?



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It seems you lack the

It seems you lack the understanding of the most basic building blocks of CUCM, useless??????????
That's one of the very first things you need to configure in any deployment.

What you need to understand CSS and partitions is here:

Calling Privileges in Unified CM

However, i would strongly suggest you, to read the whole chapter.



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Jaime is spot on (+5 J.). It

Jaime is spot on (+5 J.). It would be a really good idea if you would take a couple of hours to go through the SRND. It is kinda heavy so you may need to iterate through it a couple of times. In regards to Route Partitions (Partitions) and Calling Search Spaces (CSS) try to think of a partition as a collection of patterns and a CSS as a collection of partitions.

The partition of "<none>" is special. It basically says that this pattern (whatever the pattern is: Directory Number, Translation, Route Pattern, etc.) is part of every CSS. Think of "<none>" as default for the time being. 

The CSS of "<none>" is exactly what it says "none". As in there is no CSS. As in the only partition in the collection the "<none>" or default partition. This is why you can put a phone number on two phones, not assign a partition or CSS, and make calls. This is not a proper design, even if the calls work. 

When you put your Directory Number (DN) in a partition (e.g. MyPhones_PT) you have removed the pattern from the <none> partition. Since the <none> CSS does not visibility of MyPhones_PT, you can't call the phone. This is operating as expected. 

There are other rules around patterns/partitions/CSS relationships. No sense in digging into that here. However, this relationship is far from useless. It is core to the whole digit analysis process. 




-Bill (@ucguerrilla)



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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