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Route Pattern for PSTN to TELSTRA

Hi Guys,    quick question on configuring router pattern in CUCM

what is the requirment for create router pattern to Telstra.


local call:   can I send out the following called number +61 2 9833 6666 while I am in sydney with 02 9288 2222 as ANI. 

                    also on the local call, can I leave the calling ID (ANI)  as + 61 2 9288 2222. or I must change it to 02 9288 2222

Internatioanl call: If I send following called number +1 509 7778888 to Telstra for international call, do I need to change it to 0011 1 509 7778888 or just send as it is. can I send as 1 509 7778888

calling party number type/plan  & called party number type/plan

what calling party number type and calling party number plan should I choose, I will try the national and ISND respectively for above router pattern, but in most sample configuration, I do not see any preference, leave as Cisco Callmanager.

if you know the Telstra website for those information, please help to post here

many thanks.



Route Pattern for PSTN to TELSTRA

you can use both for outbound.

what is mre interesting though is what numbers Telstra present on inbound calls, I have seen a number of cases where Telstra present 9 digits (so 3XXXXXXXX for VIC and 2XXXXXXXX fro NSW), so be mind full of that when doing your digit stripping.

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