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route pattern question

All, what is the difference in the following:




I understand that the first looks for a access 9 for outside dialtone, I have seen before where some route patterns showed up like the second. Can someone tell me which one would be right if customer had to dial "9" to get outside line to make external call?


Re: route pattern question

If you need a dial tone for an outside call use the first one.

The . operator is specifically used for this



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Re: route pattern question

Should I use the discard digits "predot" option at the bottom of that route pattern page?

Re: route pattern question

Correct, use the first one 9.[2-9]XXXXXX and use the predot option, that way you will only send the [2-9]XXXXXX digits (7 digits) to the Telco, otherwise you will also be sending the 9, which is a number that actually does not exist and the call will not be completed.

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Re: route pattern question

Thank you both.

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Re: route pattern question

Hi John,

Hope all is well with you! Here is some related info;

Select PreDot from the Discard Digits drop-down menu at the bottom of the page in the Called Party Transformations section.

By doing this, you will not forward the leading 9 to the PSTN.

Check the Provide Outside Dial Tone box if you want to hear a secondary dial tone after dialing the leading 9

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: route pattern question

Great document Rob, Thanks for the help.

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