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RouteList Exhausted

Hi All,

I got the below message(RTMT) from time to time. Could anybody give me some hints what the message is about? And how to solve it? Thanks very much.


At 11:33:26 on 11/23/2006 on cluster StandAloneCluster.

Number of RouteListExhausted events exceed 0 within 60 minutes.


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Re: RouteList Exhausted


following your request, am posting the following. i hope this will point you in the right direction and sheds some light.

RouteListExhausted? When a route list is exhausted, you might not have enough gateway resources available to service your traffic patterns. If this alert triggers once or twice, generally this is not a cause for concern. However, if this alert starts triggering many times per day, it's time to add more gateway resources. Given that adding resources can't happen overnight because of telephone company and equipment delivery lead times, it's important to continuously check the T1ChannelsActive or PRIChannelsActive counters in the Cisco CallManager object to ensure that you do not have an upward trend. Alternatively, you can configure the alert properties to trigger the alert only if route lists are exhausted a certain number of times in a certain amount of time.

Number of RouteListExhausted events exceed 0 within 60 minutes

1- The RouteListExhausted messages indicate that CallManager was unable to send a call to those Route Groups in a Route List. This is usually as a result of no B channels or ports being available on a gateway for routing a call.

Routelistexhausted means that a call was made and callmanager has gone through all devices in the route list and cannot route the call. You will get this if someone dials a wrong number... so most likely you are getting this error not really meaning it indicated a call not completed.

what you can do is to change the threshold to stop receiving the messages:

Log in to RTMT and click on the Alert Menu> Set alert properties>select the alerts you are getting and uncheck the Enable Alert box or selecting the alert type, for example, RouteListExhausted and click next, then you will be able to configure a Threshold to trigger the alert only when the number of RouteListExhausted events exceed a certain number within an hour.



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