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Routing configuration (integration of Cisco CM4.2, Nortel 81c and AVAYA)

3 sites:

Site A: Cisco CM 4.2 (212-555-75XX)

Site B: Nortel 81C (212-555-79XX)

Site C: AVAYA (305-666-45XX)


Site A and B are in the same building, connected via PRI link, routing plan had been configured, user can dial to each other directly by 4 digits extension (75XX and 79XX)


Site A and C have IP connection already, recently, we use voice gateway to connect Site A and C, and configured all site A, B and C.

When Site A user dials 9-1-305-666-45XX, CM will route the call via voice gateway to site C. (Done)

When Site B user dials 9-1-305-666-45XX, Nortel will route the call to CM, and CM will dump all digits to site C via gateway. (Done)

When site C user dials 9-1-212-555-75XX, AVAYA will route the call to site A and dump all 10 digits to Cisco CM. (Done)

When site C user dials 9-1-212-555-79XX, AVAYA will dump all digits to Cisco CM and CM will route it to Nortel. (Failed, fast busy tone on site C)


79XX configured as route pattern in CM. Gateway transmitted all 10 digits number from site C; it may work for site A Cisco CM, but can't recognize by Nortel.


How to configure the Cisco CM or Gateway to only transmit last 4 digits (79XX) to Nortel when received 212-555-79XX from site C?

I appreciate your help!


Re: Routing configuration (integration of Cisco CM4.2, Nortel 81

From Avaya connection to CUCM, create an special partition only assigned to incoming calling search space in Avaya GW in CUCM, this partion will be used ina translation pattern or RP to destination

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Re: Routing configuration (integration of Cisco CM4.2, Nortel 81


I have some queries on the below setup.

Current Setup:

Site A : CUCM 7.X

Nodes : 1, Publisher - 1 No.

2, Subscriber - 1 No.

3, MPX - 1 No.

4, Unity - 1 No.

DID range : 6742XXXX

Site B : Nortel 81 C

DID range : 6616XXXX

Connectivity between 2 sites Via Tie PRI for voice.

Data connectivity is avaialble between Site A & B.

Requirement: TO make Site B as DR for limited Cisco IP Phones users working in Site A.

Proposed Scenario:

To implement a CUCM 7.X as subscriber in Site B and register the same with CUCM publisher in Site A via Data link.

TO registered limited Cisco IP phones in CUCM- SUb available in site B.

If CUCM Pub in Site A goes down this subscriber should registered with Nortel 81C and calls should be diverted via this network. (Priority Incoming calls)


1, How could I integrate Nortel 81 C with CUCM-SUB in Site B.

2, How could I configure Nortel 81 C as secondary in CUCM-Sub in site B in case of CUCM-Pub down in Site A.

3, How Could I route particular DID hunt Pilot number configured in CUCM-Pub Site A to CUCM-Sub Site B registered in Nortel 81 C in case of CUCM-Pub down in site A.

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