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New Member

RSVP Application ID support across CUBE


Has CUBE the ability to map RSVP application ID's across call legs? At present the configured application ID's we see on call leg 1 are not present in the RSVP reservation in call letg 2.




Re: RSVP Application ID support across CUBE

Hi TJ,

From what I can tell there isn't a way to change the default for this function. I'll admit I'm pretty lame when it comes to RSVP - would you like to expand on how you expect this to work and the implications?


New Member

Re: RSVP Application ID support across CUBE

Hi Nick

What we have is this scenario

phone--agent--agent/cube -wan- cube/agent--agent--phone

where the two phones are in different clusters. CUBE's connect cluster together.

Both Clusters are using RSVP sucessfully internally marking the reservations with the correct application Id's based on voice and video calls. Each cube acts as an RSVP agent in it resective cluster terminating the cluster side call.

The WAN call leg doesnt have any application ID, all is bundled into the default, so any WAN router wouldnt be able to determine based on policy the correct bandwidth for each application etc etc.

I was hoping that having the cube as an agent for CUCM it would terminate the internal call leg, and then recreate the wan call leg with similar application ID present, however this doesnt happen. If CUBE could re map the app ID it would give us proper WAN RSVP bandwidth policy control



Re: RSVP Application ID support across CUBE

Hi Terry,

Would you mind explaining exactly what the significance of the application ID is? I'm more on the voice side, and don't see RSVP too often.



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