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RTMT Serviceability Report question.

Could anyone shed light on the difference between attempted calls and completed calls in this graph? What could cause the spike in attempted calls? It's hard to believe there is such a high amount of attempted calls in comparison to completed calls. We are not receiving any problem reports by our callers.

Thank you, Nat


Re: RTMT Serviceability Report question.

*Calls attempted*

This represents the total number of attempted calls. Any time a phone goes off-hook and back on-hook, it is considered an attempted call, regardless of whether any digits were dialed or if it connected to a destination. Some call attempts are made by the system during feature operations (such as transfer and conference) and are considered attempted calls.

*Calls connected*

This represents the number of calls that were actually connected (a voice path or video stream was established) through this CallManager. This number increments when the call is terminated.

For this I would check normally CDR records.

I was not able to check the doc. Will check it tomorrow.

Community Member

Re: RTMT Serviceability Report question.

Thank you for the reply. I will pass your suggestion of checking CDR records on to him. (I'm not sure how to make much sense of them).

When you get a chance to look at the doc, we'd appreciate any further thoughts you have. The spike seems unreasonably high, and is a daily occurrence.


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