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RTMT showing AMC service is down


Once I open the RTMT I am getting this error message as shown in the attached file.

I checked the AMC service on the (Publisher IP) and its up. The other node ( appears to be functionning normally. Please advice ...


Re: RTMT showing AMC service is down

It takes the RTMT tool a few minutes to see that the AMC service is up if the server just got restarted.  But a short list of things to check:

1.  From the workstation running the RTMT tool, can you successfully ping all the servers (especially the one it things is down)?

2.  From the CCM GUI, when you go to Unified Reporting and then drill down to the dbreplication status report, does it show everything is healthy?

You can validate the AMC service is running from the command line by typing "utils service list" and seeing what state it is on on that server. 

If all else fails, you could try rebooting. 

New Member

Re: RTMT showing AMC service is down

Hi Clifford,

I can access the pub in question via https so i assume that the server's IP is reachable from the client running RTMT.

The AMC service is shown started from the "utils service list"

The Dbreplication status is healthy also.

I tried to restart the pub twice and same problem.

It is driving me crazy I don't know if I am missing anything somewhere !

I think that this error is preventing the server from taking the values Im trying to change in the LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded. Is there any alternative way to change it so I can delete some logs in order to free some space? Im doing an upgrade and its failing because an unsufficient space error!


Re: RTMT showing AMC service is down

If replication is good, then the AMC service is running.

But in your note, you're mentioning a handful of problems.  Are you wanting to troubleshoot the RTMT tool, or the problem that you can't get the upgrade to work?

If you want to troubleshoot an upgrade problem, please post the current version, the version you want to upgrade to, and the failure you're experiencing.

New Member

Re: RTMT showing AMC service is down

In fact, I want to troubleshoot the problem of the RTMT in order to resolve the problem of the upgrade. I think you already answered me on my upgrade issue :

In the link you sent in your reply they are mentionning the "LowActivePartitionAvailableDiskspace" parameter. In order to tweek that parameter I need the RTMT functionning.

I've been told also to tweek the "LogPartitionLowWaterMarkExceeded" and the "LogPartitionHighWaterMarkExceeded". I did that, but I guess that this error on the RTMT is preventing the server to apply the changes.

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