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RTMT stat

Hi all,

I got an issue with RTMT for a sub that sits across the wan to another location. Phones and gateways are registered fine with the remote sub but when I opened RTMT, the counter for CM heartbeat is "0", as well as phone registered counter, gateways registered counter.

But when I opened a particualr gateway on the remote sub, I can see the active call stats from RTMT. Also the server process report on RTMT shows nothing at all.

The wan link is 6M and it is using around 30-40%. RTT ping time is around 2-10ms in average and 20-30ms max. QOS is configured for cs3 and ef, other traffic falls under default WFQ. I didn't see any drop packets for cs3 and ef.

CPU level is really low and we have 2G memory and roughly 1G is used. But the RTMT shows 100% memory usage but it didn't send out alarm.

I guess because the stats are not correct, so this weekend when the remote site lost power, we didn't get any RTMT alarm.

Is there anything I need to check ?

Any inputs are greatly appreciated.



Re: RTMT stat

Check firewall settings on PC, or on the connection between RTMT and callmanager(s).

Also check in RTMT if you have some red lines telling somthing like: Cannot connect to...

When RTMT does not connect correctly to the RTMT service, you can have weird values.


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Re: RTMT stat

Thx for you reply.

RTMT app is running off my workstation and windows firewall is off. There is no firewall between the HQ CCM and remote CCM.

And I didn't see any line saying "Cannot connect....". I can even connect to the RTMT on the remote site sub from my workstation which sits at the HQ.

BTW, the heartbeat of the remote sub seems like is "0" from the stat. It just sits at the very bottm of the graphic report, while other subs have a line in the middle.

Any more idea?


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Re: RTMT stat


I also dealing with the same problem today, and that happens after I patched my Call Manager from 4.1(3)SR4d to 4.1(3)SR5b. I think the problem is not because the server is in remote site, because I have 1 remote sub that can be monitored by RTMT.

I have 1 pub, and 3 subs, but only 2 subs are monitored. The other 2 have the same problem as yours.

I think that I forgot to activate any service that relates to RTMT, but when I compare the running sub and the failed sub, nothing different. May be you can try to see yours ?

Let's work on it together. Someone can explain about this ?


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Re: RTMT stat


what about Your problem ? I'm falling in the same situation.

Any help ?



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