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RTP Steam delay

Hi All..

Dont if anyone has come accross this before.. all external call via PRI ISDN get connected ok ..but takes about 5- 10 seconds before the voice can be heard..

example .. caller A makes an external call to B.. B picks up the phone.. and says hello... both A and B will not hear each other untill after about 5 - 10 sec.. this delay is not constant.. varies between 5-10 secs..

the ISDN Configs...

controller E1 0/0/0
pri-group timeslots 1-31

interface Serial0/0/0:15
no ip address
encapsulation hdlc
isdn switch-type primary-net5
isdn overlap-receiving T302 10000
isdn incoming-voice voice
isdn send-alerting
isdn sending-complete
no cdp enable

voice-port 0/0/0:15
translation-profile incoming IN_PORT
translation-profile outgoing OUT_PORT
cptone DE

Any ideas.??



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RTP Steam delay

Are you using CME? which exact IOS version ?

New Member

RTP Steam delay

Its not CME.. CUCM 8.5 gateway 3845 IOS Version 15.1(3)T2

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RTP Steam delay

Do you have a firewall between CM an VG? Is it a new install or it was working before ?

New Member

RTP Steam delay

Well the VG is in Germany and the CM in France.. VG connects via MPLS network to the cluster.. I inherited this issue.. been a couple of months in my current role .. the history was that back in November when  it started the

QoS was modified from  af31 to af41... they clamined it worked ..until now..

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