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Same extension on Device and Device profile


please note that a client wants to have the following:

When a user is not logged in on his device using extension mobility, he will be able to receive a call on his extension 100 for instance but not calling.

when he is logged in, he can call and revceive on the same extension which is 100.

i am thinking of having 100 with no access on the extension mobility profile and forward no register to 101 another extension where he is logged out.

any better idea?

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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile

I'm not sure this will be possible. Any DN in the same partition will be a shared line and you cannot assign them two different calling search spaces.

I can't recall if with extension mobility the device calling search space changes, but that might be one option.

An alternative is if you have the CCM version with forward unregistered, you can forward the EM extension to another extension. That other extension can be the same extension in a different partition with different calling search space. The forwarding CSS of the EM extension will need to be able to dial that other partition.

I'm guessing this is a matter of convenience that if someone forgets to log in they still receive calls?


Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile

i think also the best workaround is to have 2 extensions (100 and 101)with same the partition (or None partition) if it does not matter having different extensions since one of them (101) is for receive only in case of employee does not log in...

but u have to forward unregistered to 101 if u have 4.2 or forward no coverage to 101 if u have 5.x with appropriate CSS with each.



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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile

Hi, you can try to do this :

Assign extension 100 to phone, and do not assign any CSS to the phone.

Create a profile with directory number 100, and assign CSS to the profile.

So, when the user log in, he can place and receive call. And when the user log out, he can only receive call because no CSS is assigned to it.


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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile

thanks for your help, but unfortunatly you cannot define CSS in the device profile, but i guess if Cisco people would think about this it would be the solution.

thanks again. i am running CCM 4.2

Good day

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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile


This is possible.

What you need to do is the following:

1) CSSs - either use a 'device' CSS that permits all calling, then have a CSS assigned to the line on the device that blocks all calls (except for perhaps internal and emergency calls). You can then create the UDP with the same DN, but in another new partition.

2) Alternatively, set no CSS on the device. Set a CSS on the line assigned to the device that permits whatever you like. In the UDP, assign a CSS that permits whatever dialling the logged in user will have. Agian, you will need to create the UDP line in a seperate partition to the device line to allow different CSSs.

The final step in either of these cases is to ensure that the partition holding the UDP lines is higher in all CSSs than the partition containing lines on the logged out devices.

You will then need to set CFNA on the UDP line to a CSS that includes only the lines associated with logged out devices, and forward to it's own number.

See this document for cisco's version:



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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile


I tried to use it, but the problem of using CFNA is that when the user is logged in and someone call him and he does not anwer the caller hears a fast busy.

So, it appears to solve the problem of call a logged out phone but creates a new problem for logged in phones.

Have you experienced the same problem?

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Re: Same extension on Device and Device profile

pls try this:

ip phone's line config:


dn: 100

partition: none (or lower priority in everybody's css)

css: none

em logout profile: use current device settings

device profile's config:


dn: 100

partition: (highest priority in everybody's css)

css = (powerful css)

this will not be a shared directory numbers because they belong to a different partition

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