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Second call on ephone-dn dual-line

Hi to all,

A my customer want that when the second incoming call a ephone it does not show the call on screen but simply advise the caller with a busy tone.

The configuration it's very simply I paste follow some line:


num-exp 333333.. 1..


ephone-dn 3 dual-line

number 122

pickup-group 234

label User - 122

description User - 122

name Segreteria - 122

call-forward busy 999

call-forward noan 999 timeout 30

no huntstop

night-service bell


ephone 3

mac-address XXXX.XXXX.XXXX

after-hours exempt

username "122" password 122

paging-dn 111

type 7970

button 1:3


He want that when the second caller call 33333322 the ephone does not ring and obtain busy tone.

I know it a very stupid question, but how can I do that?

Thank you very much.

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Re: Second call on ephone-dn dual-line

Hi Augusto,

Not a stupid question at all my friend :)

Because the DN's are set up as dual-line you need to add the following (huntstop channel command). Have a look;

The following example creates an ephone-dn with the number 103 in dual-line mode. The no huntstop command allows calls to continue to hunt to other ephone-dns if this one is busy or does not answer. The huntstop channel command disables call hunting to the second channel of this ephone-dn if the first channel is busy or does not answer.

Router(config)# ephone-dn 10 dual-line

Router(config-ephone-dn)# number 103

Router(config-ephone-dn)# no huntstop

Router(config-ephone-dn)# huntstop channel

Router(config-ephone-dn)# exit

Hope this helps!


New Member

Re: Second call on ephone-dn dual-line

Hi Rob,

in this way the second call is routed to the voicemail (call-forward busy 999)... it's ok!

To obtain the unvailable tone it's enought remove "call-forward busy 999" right?

Thank you very much


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