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Second Hand 7975?

Hi there,

Just wondering if I can get some advice regarding a second hand Cisco 7975 I purchase on Ebay...

I assumed (quite wrongly) it would be a simple case of purcashing a smartnet support contract for the phone thus gaining the ability to download the SIP firmware from the Cisco website. Sadly CDW advised they could not sell me a support contract as the phone was still under warranty. I called Cisco who confirmed it was still under warranty but they could only help the original purchaser.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've not been able to get in touch with the original seller.



Re: Second Hand 7975?

You can get a SIP firmware version if you load CUCM or have someone with a CUCM server you can register it with.  Then switch the phone from SCCP to SIP.

Otherwise, yes.. you need a CCO account, access to a smartnet contract that has the ability to download the firmwares for the phone you have.  You could download it, you can use a TFTP server to simply switch it out also.

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