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Secondary Dial tone Continue

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to post my unresolved issue one more time before opening a case with Cisco TAC.

When I dial 9 to go to PSTN network the seconday dial tone comes after dialing the next digit following the 9. For example, If I want to dial 9617-234-5678, I hear the secondary dial tone after dialing 6. I verified almost everything. There's no overlapping (just 911) and the provid outside dial tone in all route and translation patterns is checked. I used the DNA and below is the output. As you can see in the output of the DNA, the outside dial tone shows NO but I double checked and all route and translation pattern are providing outside dial tone. Could you please let me know if I am missing something. Here's the output:

Results Summary

Calling Party Information

Calling Party = 5148550570

Partition =

Device CSS =

Line CSS = CSS-Devices-725MDL

AAR Group Name =


Dialed Digits = 95146857607

Match Result = RouteThisPattern

Matched Pattern Information

Pattern = 9.[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX

Partition = PT-PSTN

Time Schedule =

Called Party Number = 5146857607

Time Zone = Greenwich Standard Time

End Device = RL-MTL-1250RL

Call Classification = OffNet

InterDigit Timeout = NO

Device Override = Disabled

Outside Dial Tone = NO

Call Flow

Route Pattern :Pattern= 9.[2-9]XX[2-9]XXXXXX

Positional Match List = 5146857607

DialPlan =

Route Filter

Filter Name =

Filter Clause =

Require Forced Authorization Code = No

Authorization Level = 0

Require Client Matter Code = No

Call Classification =

PreTransform Calling Party Number = 8916

PreTransform Called Party Number = 95146857607


Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

So, just to have this straight, you do NOT wish to have the secondary dial tone, correct?

If yes, then try removing the secondary dial tone from all the Route patterns and translation patterns that begin with 9 and test again. If I remember correctly if you have at least one that has it, it will play since you have a potencial match.


Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

I do whant to have a secondary dial tone. The problem is that the secondary dial tone plays after dialing the digit following 9. For example if I want to dial 9514-123-4567, the seconday dial tone plays after dialing 95. I checked everything, there's no overlapping and the provide outside dialtone box is checked for all route ans translation pattern. When I use 6 as a predot digit it works fine but doesn't work with 9. Do you think 911 route pattern could be the problem? if so, how can I resolve this issue?


New Member

Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

I am having the exact same problem. The interesting thing though is that if I dial number that begins with 9, I don't get the outside dial tone until after I dial the digit following the second 9. For instance if I dial 9,989-1234, I don't get the outside dial tone until after the 8.

Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

Yes, the problem is with the 911. There are some workarounds, like changing the 911 to 9.911 and instruct your user to dial that way.


Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

This is not really a smart solution changing the 911 to 9.911. . In the case of emergency, some people don't remember to dial 9 before 911. I always configure both route patterns and I think this is the way that it has to be done. I remember in some of my previous installations, I have used both with no issue but don't understand why it's not working now. Isn't there any another work arounds?


New Member

Re: Secondary Dial tone Continue

Agreed. I have them both configured as well and have never had any problems until yesterday afternoon. Just to be sure, I dialed 911 to make sure that those calls were being routed properly and they were.

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