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Secondary Dial Tone

I had 2 ISDN BRI Interface in my UC520. I have following question need someone advice:

1. Can UC520 support multiple digit for secondary dial tone? I want user use 1st ISDN for outgoing press 9 and 2nd ISDN press 0 for external call?

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Re: Secondary Dial Tone

No, it does not.

You will find that secondary dialtone is not of much use anyway because most users learn to compose the full number then press dial. They do not wait for dialtone at all.

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Re: Secondary Dial Tone


Thank you so much for the reply.

Because this UC520 share by 2 department and ISDN line charge by individual department.

Could you advice me what is the better way to control outgoing call? Because I want them to have different way to access outgoing call.

can I still make them to press 1 digit to access outgoing call then follow by the number?

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Re: Secondary Dial Tone

You can have the access digits as you like.

You can also have the GW to use one or another BRI depending on who's calling, and not use digits at all:

Note you need the translation-profile to be under ephone-dn for this.

The same cans alos be done with COR and no number manipulation.

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