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New Member

Secondary number on cisco phone

Hi everyone,

I would like to know how to have two extension numbers to a single phone. Is this possible?

Many thanks.


Secondary number on cisco phone

Hi Wayne,

Which call server are you using ...CUCM ? CME ?



New Member

Secondary number on cisco phone


Secondary number on cisco phone

Here is sample config , change relevant fields and apply it to your CME.

ephone-dn  1 dual-line

number 4000


ephone-dn  2 dual-line

number 4001



ephone  1

mac-address ECA8.6B29.30AF

type 7940

button  1:1 2:2

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Secondary number on cisco phone

Hi wayne,

Also for secondary number in CME, you have to define one another dn and you can assign it in multiple ways.

1). Create two dn's and assign under ephone as below:-

This definition will appear as secondary number on 2nd line of your phone and you can make incoming and outgoing calls as welll throught that dn.

ephone 1

button 1:1, 2:2




2). Create two dn's and assign under ephone as below:-

This defintion (Overlay) will not show your secondary dn on your primary line but you can receive calls on your secondary dn

ephone-dn 1
 number 1000
ephone-dn 2
 number 2000
ephone 1
 button 1o1,2


Nishant Savalia

Regards, Nishant Savalia
VIP Purple

Secondary number on cisco phone

Hi Wayne,

I think you can also do the same by using secondary command which would allow to map second DN with ephone-dn

this command defines a valid number for an ephone-dn (extension) that is to be assigned to an IP phone. The secondary keyword allows you to associate a second telephone number with an ephone-dn so that it can be called by dialing either the main or secondary phone number. The secondary number may contain wildcards; for example, 50.. (the number 50 followed by periods, which stand for wildcards).

The no-reg keyword causes an E.164 number in the dial peer not to register with the gatekeeper. If you do not specify both or primary after theno-reg keyword, only the secondary number does not register.

A number normally contains only numeric characters, which allow it to be dialed from any telephone keypad. However, in certain cases, such as intercom numbers, which are normally dialed only by the router, you can insert alphabetic characters into the number to prevent phone users from dialing it and using the intercom function without authorization.

A number can also contain one or more periods (.) as wildcard characters that will match any dialed number in that position. For example, 51.. rings when 5100 is dialed, when 5101 is dialed, and so forth.

After you use the number command, assign the ephone-dn to an ephone using the button command. Following the use of the buttoncommand, the restart command must be used to initiate a quick reboot of the phone to which this number is assigned



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