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New Member

See complete number when call PSTN


i'm connected with an E1 PRI with 4 digits (eg: 4564XXXX) and i'm able to do external calls. My problem is that when ax external phone receives the call, it sees on the display only the PRI number 4564 and not the complete number (PRI + internal DN).

I read the manual try to make it displayed changing these settings:

Call Routing Information - Outbound Calls (on the device menù of PRI card) ----> Calling Party Presentation (enabled) and Calling Party Selection (originator)

but it doesn't work.

I'd like to know if these are the corrects settings or if i must change these in other menu also (eg: route pattern, ecc...)

Thank you,


Cisco Employee

Re: See complete number when call PSTN


You can run 'debug isdn q931' when making a test outbound call and look for the SETUP message containing your calling and called party numbers. It would help if you can copy and paste that SETUP message here.

- Sriram

Cisco Employee

Re: See complete number when call PSTN

Is the gateway with the PRI registered to CUCM as an MGCP or H.323 gateway?



Re: See complete number when call PSTN

i actually have a config for an E1 with the same numbering range working. NOTE  this is H323 but im using simple translation profiles to have this working.

voice translation-rule 3
rule 1 /6.../ /1758456&/
rule 2 /7.../ /1768457&/

voice translation-profile Outgoing_DID
translate calling 3

-------------------------------------------DIAL PEER SAMPLE------------------------------------

dial-peer voice 104 pots
description E1 Calls
translation-profile outgoing Outgoing_DID
destination-pattern 758....
progress_ind alert enable 8
progress_ind progress enable 8
progress_ind connect enable 8
port 0/2/0:15
forward-digits all

New Member

Re: See complete number when call PSTN


thank to all for reply: i solved my problem in this way:

- Went under Route Pattern

- Selected 1 Route pattern to PSTN (it's better to do this on Route List instead single Route Pattern)

- Went to Calling Party Transformations menù

- Configured a Calling Party Transform Mask that extends my 4-digit DN to full DID number (eg: 064455XXXX)

Now, when i call an external PSTN mobile phone from my internal IP Phones i'm able to see the full number (eg: 0644552001)

Thank you,


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