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Seemingly random registration error

I recently purchased two 7961 phones for use in a new office we recently added to our company. One of them keeps trying to register after being configured and upgrading. It will occassionally complete registration for 30 seconds to a minute, then return to the registration rejection loop.

We're running call manager

Please reply if you have any ideas, or need more info from me. I'm relatively new to this system, so no flames please

Cisco Employee

Re: Seemingly random registration error


Does the phone actually complete the upgrade process or does it attempt and then fail? What version of firmware is the phone currently running? It would be best to either get CUCM traces or a pcap off of the back of the phone to understand what happens when the phone unregisters. to the get packet capture, you'll need to modify the Span To PC Port option under the phone config page in CUCM and reset it.


Community Member

Re: Seemingly random registration error

Yes it does seem to complete the upgrade process.

Load File is SCCP41.8-3-4SR1S

App Load ID is jar41sccp.8-3-3-17.sbn

JVM Load ID is cvm41sccp.8-3-3-17.sbn

OS Load ID: cnu41.8-3-3-17.sbn

Boot Load ID: boot41.3-2-2-0.bin

Where will the packet capture show up once I set that option?

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