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Selective Call Forwarding - forward to 2 numbers based on called number?

Is there any way within CME 4.0 to call-foward noan and call-forward busy to different numbers based on the incoming called number. I have set up the ephone-dn such that the primary is a 4-digit extension and the secondary is an alternate 10-digit E.164 number (but does not coincide with the dialplan-pattern). I.e. the primary is a receptionist personal extension and 10-digit DID, however there is also a main number (10-digit DID) that gets routed to the receptionist.

If the call is placed directly to the extension or the 10-digit DID generated by dialplan-pattern, I want it to goto the voicemail of the receptionist upon noan/busy. If the call is placed to the main number (secondary) it should loop back out to the AA upon noan/busy.

It seems that 'Selective Call Forwarding' only allows for call-forward noan/busy based on primary OR secondary and not both.

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Re: Selective Call Forwarding - forward to 2 numbers based on ca


Do you want the described behavior to happen independently if the call comes from pots, local ephone, or VOIP source ? Or need a specialized handling based on source type ?

Also a numeric example would help in figuring out what interference could happen due the mismatching dialplan-pattern

You may need a combination of loopback dial-peers and translation-rules, but I believe it can be done.

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Re: Selective Call Forwarding - forward to 2 numbers based on ca

Both calls would be coming from a pots (ISDN PRI) source. The number they dial from the PSTN into CME is different. Lets just say the dial-plan pattern reads 888333.... extension-length 4.

Then the ephone-dn in question is:

number 1111 secondary 8882221234

Most phones would have a 4-digit extension and a DID of 888-333-XXXX, but the 1111 extension will also be answering for the "main number" 8882221234. If 888-333-1111 is dialed either via 4-digit dialing or DID it should kick out to personal voicemail box for extension 1111. If the number 888-222-1234 is dialed but there is no answer it should go somewhere else (either group voicemail or maybe out to the AA).

Note: I have tried doing a call-forward to a dial-peer with a "virtual extension" of 9999 from the ephone-dn matching "incoming called-number" with 1111 and then a similar dial-peer with incoming called-number matching 888-222-1234 but with a destination-pattern of 9999. However in the Cisco IE fields display of a debug, the cisco-rdn is the only field populated with the original incoming called-number and i cant match against that within the dial-peer.

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Re: Selective Call Forwarding - forward to 2 numbers based on ca


I understand that in other words, the need is to give to the attendand personal voice mail.

I would try at first splitting the ephone-dn in two, one with primary extension and seconday expansion, the other with telco main number number only, eeach with the appropriate call forwarding setting.

These ephone-DN will be on attendant's phone buttons as deemed appropriate.

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