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Selective Call Forwarding?

I am a contractor in Iraq.  we are using Cisco Unified Call Manager 4.3.  We want to use selective call forwarding on some of our phones.  there is a reference in the cisco documentation that it is supported on v.3.0 but I have been unable to find it referenced for anything later than that.  Would like to know the following:


    1.  is seletive call forwarding available in 4.3?

    2.  How do I find it (if it is there) ?  I have checked the menus and whatnot but haven't been able to find anything specific.

Cheers, Dave

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Re: Selective Call Forwarding?


It might help if you describe what selective call forwarding is?

I'm guessing that you mean:

1) User A CallForwards to his mobile

2) User B calls user A, and is forwarded

3) User C calls user A, and is not forwarded

If so, you can choose from these three:

1) Enable 'Call Forward Override' in the CallManager service parameters - this allows the user that is the target of a Call Forward, to bypass that call forward. So in the example above, if User A CallForwarded to User B, User B could still call User A. This only works for the single target of the forward though.

2) If you have a requirement that does not change (e.g. User A has two assistants that must be able to call him, regardless of whether his phone is on CallForward all or not) then you can simulate this sort of setup by creating two lines (with the same DN, in different partitions) for User A. Make sure that the partition of the second, non-Call Forwarded line is higher in the CSS of the assistants than the normal one, and that this partition does not appear in other users' CSS at all.

The assistants call would then arrive on the second line, and normal callers would dial and reach the standard line and be diverted.

3) IPMA has a 'filter' feature where users can define lists of people that can call them, and everyone else would be sent to the 'assistant'. If you're not using this already it's a reasonably difficult feature to set up, and requires user training as it's a PC-based application. Most customers do not want to use this for that reason...

Of course, you may mean something else entirely - so if you do, detail an example. A lot of the time if you know a feature from your old PBX, it's there, but just has a completely different name, or is something you have to simulate by configuring combinations of other features..



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Re: Selective Call Forwarding?

Hey thanks for the reply.  sorry I haven't been back for a bit but have been swamped with higher priority stuff and am just now getting back to this.

Option 3 is the closest.  what they want to do is this .. over an hour 4 calls come in,  a b, c, d.  caller b is forwarded (based on his phone number) while callers a, c, and d are allowed to ring out.   I am guessing that since they don't want to buy 3rd party software that runs locally that their answer is no, you can't do it that way :-).   confirmation of this would be great.

now I am going to go put in a background question and hope that they leave me alone long enough to get it sorted out LOL!

Cheers, Dave

Re: Selective Call Forwarding?

If you have Unity Connection as your voicemail solution (long shot I guess) then the Personal Call Transfer rules feature may solve your issue.

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