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Sending CCM Alert message to administrators

Hello Folks,

I need to configure the CCM to send out Alert messages to the administrators in case of connection failure. Please let me know where in the CCM can I configure this to happen. We are unsing CCM 5.1.




Re: Sending CCM Alert message to administrators

You can configure alerts under CCM Serviceability page. You need to download RTMT from the "Plugins" page and configure. Keep in mind these alerts are only related to CCM like service failures and device unregistrations errors and more.


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Re: Sending CCM Alert message to administrators

Hi mk,

Just a note to add to the good info from Rajesh :)

From the RTMT (Real Time Monitoring Tool) Have a look;

Configuring E-mails for Alert Notification

The following procedure describes how to configure e-mails for alert notification.



Step 1 In the left controlling center pane, click the Alert tab.

Step 2 Click Alert Central.

The Alert Central monitoring window displays and shows the alert status and alert history of the alerts that RTMT generated in the Cisco CallManager cluster.

Step 3 From the RTMT menu bar at the top of the pane, choose Alert > Config Email Server.

The Mail Server Configuration window displays

Step 4 In the Mail Server field, enter the e-mail recipient information.

Step 5 In the Port field, enter the port number of the recipient.

Step 6 Click OK.

Cisco CallManager Serviceability System Guide, Release 5.0(2)

Real-Time Monitoring Tool

Configuring the actual Alerts;

RTMT, which supports alert defining, setting, and viewing, contains preconfigured and user-defined alerts. Although you can perform configuration tasks for both types, you cannot delete preconfigured alerts (whereas you can add and delete user-defined alerts). The Alert menu comprises the following menu options:

Alert Central - This option comprises the current status and history of every alert in the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster.


Note You can also access Alert Central by using the Alert tab in the left controlling center in the RTMT monitoring pane.


Alert/Properties - This menu option allows you to set alerts and alert properties.

Remove Alert - This menu category allows you to remove an alert.

Enable Alert - With this menu category, you can enable alerts.

Disable Alert - You can disable an alert with this category.

Suspend cluster/node Alerts?This menu category allows you to temporarily suspend alerts on a particular Cisco Unified CallManager node or on the entire cluster.

Clear Alerts - This menu category allows you to reset an alert (change the color of an alert item from red to black) to signal that an alert has been taken care of. After an alert has been raised, its color will automatically change to red in RTMT and will stay that way until you manually clear the alert.

Clear All - This menu category allows you to clear all alerts.

Alert Events Detail - This menu category provides detailed information on alert events.

Config Email Server - In this category, you can configure your e-mail server to enable alerts.

Config Alert Action - This category allows you to set actions to take for specific alerts; you can configure the actions to send the alerts to desired e-mail recipients.

In RTMT you can configure alert notification for perfmon counter value thresholds, for schedule for alert checking, and for status change of device (for example, port is out of service).

The Tools tab below the Quick Launch Channel includes the Alert Central category. Alert Central provides both the current status and the history of all the alerts in the Cisco Unified CallManager cluster. To monitor Cisco Unified CallManager alerts, use the Tools tab in conjunction with the Alert menu option under the Tools menu.

Hope this helps!


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