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Sending Incoming Calls To CME to Unity Express AA


I am deploying a new basic Call Manager Express system and we have a PRI line with our PSTN provider that will terminate on a simple T1 VWIC card in the CME router.  Our main number is the only number called and it will not have any relation to the internal extension numbers.

When someone calls the company we want all calls to go to the AutoAttendant and then from there callers can press the extension to reach a user.  We have no DID's.

My question is how do I take an incoming call and direct it toward the Unity Express AutoAttendant?  An example is:

Main Number: 5415551234

Unity Express AA Number: 501

I also need to make sure that the calling number and caller ID gets passed on through so the employee can see that information and dial them back if necessary.

Does anyone have any sample configurations specific to this situation and with a PRI?

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Hi,This would be possible


This would be possible through a simple translation rule and profile. A one-to-one mapping would work fine.

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 /5415551234/ /501/

voice translation-profile INBOUND_CALLS_TO_CUE

translate called 1


You need to apply the translation profile to the inbound dial peer in the incoming direction, something like this -

dial-peer voice X pots

translation-profile incoming INBOUND_CALLS_TO_CUE


Also, you need to have an outbound dial peer that points to your CUE, something like this -

dial-peer voice X voip

sesssion protocol sip

session target ipv4:<ip address of CUE module>

destination-pattern 501

codec g711ulaw

no vad


And regarding the caller id, since this is for inbound calls, the provider should be sending that and if they are we are good.

Do post your "show run" from the CME so that I can take a look at that as well.

Let me know if you got any questions.




Nipun Singh Raghav
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Nipun,Thank you very much -


Thank you very much - that really helps me a lot.  It makes sense to me now.


One other question I have:


For internal employees at extensions which are 200, 201,202....etc. (they are all in the 2.. range), would I use another translation profile to call people on the PSTN because all internal calls need to appear as if they are coming from our main number, i.e. the 5415481234 number and this does not relate at all to to their extensions.


I will also post my config once I'm back onsite!


Thank you again.

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