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servicesURL in SEP<macaddress>.cnf.xml file


I'm trying to write a custom service for a 7961g and im having trouble trying to get it to access it, I'm setting the <servicesURL> tag in the SEP<macaddress>.cnf.xml file like so:


I was told the authenticationURL needs to be set aswell so have set this the same.

Still no services are coming up on the phone, does anyone know why this is or what I need to do next?


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Re: servicesURL in SEP<macaddress>.cnf.xml file

Hi Brian

Would I be correct in assuming that you don't have a CallManager?

Some suggestions:

1) Firstly your & character in your URL should be escaped properly as it's an XML document. Replace it with &

2) The phones are very very very very very picky about the format of the document they get from your URL. Case, spelling, xml compliance etc have to be spot on. I'm guessing that you haven't got it to actually pull the page from your web server yet? It's best to monitor your server logs to see what it attempts to retrieve, and join this up in your head with what you see on the handset display.

Re which URLs to set, the 'Services' uRL is what is retrieved when you press 'Services'. Typically that points at your CCM, which then supplies a list of services configured for that handset.

The 'authentication' URL is what the phone accesses to verify whether things that are pushed to it (not things that it tries to browse to) ask it do do things - i.e. remote key presses, screen grabs, pushed URLs etc. You probably don't need to worry about that if you are just trying to get it to reach a web server by pressing 'services'. If you do implement this URL, you'll need to respond to auth requests in an appropriate fashion.



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