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Setting time and date on a remote VPN 7900 phone

Hi all,

I want to connect a remote 7965 (Skinny-firmware 9-3-1ES13) with the build in AnyConnect-VPN through my ASA to an v8.5 CUCM. Although there are still some other problems I want to focus at the moment on the following problem. When I connect the VPN I get the following message in the phone-log and authentication fails:

VPNC: cert_vfy_cb: depth:1 of 2, pre_err: 9 (certificate is not yet valid)

And obvious it's true, whem the phone starts it has a date of 5th February 2013 and on that date the identity-certificate of the ASA was not yet valid.

But how do I set the time on the phone? The phone can't get the time through SCCP as the VPN is not yet up. Although it's not a SIP-phone I tried to configure a Date/Time-Group with public NTP-servers. These are also visible in the cnf.xml for the phone, but it also doesn't work.

Any hints how to set the date on the remote phone?


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Setting time and date on a remote VPN 7900 phone

Hi Karsten,

If its a Skinny phone then it will get the date/time information through the datetimestamp Skinny message from CUCM, which is sent every day at around 3 am by default or if the phone is reset. The SIP phone will get the time from either the NTP reference configured on callmanager or in response to the REGISTER message that it sends to CUCM. Best bet would be to connect the phone locally where the cucm is and then move it to remote site.



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