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Setting Up a Call Manager


I have (2) 7905 Cisco IP Phones and (2) 2800 Cisco Routers I am using for a test bed. I can set up the test bed manually so that telephone connectivity is available by manually configuring the phones and routers. How do I go about setting up the router or both routers to be Call Managers so that the phones/routers could be configured more dynamically, i.e. automatic configuration of phones, setting up phone numbers on the phones vice IP addresses? Any direction I could be pointed in would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Setting Up a Call Manager

Use MGCP on gateways. Gateways should still be configured with minimal config to get started.

Use auto registration to register phones automatically (This should not be used as a general practice as rogue phones could be setup any where in your network and let them call out).

Even after adding gateways and phones, you will need to setup route patterns to send calls out these gateways.

This is an excellent link. Kudos to Cisco.



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Re: Setting Up a Call Manager

Do I NEED a Call Manager to do minor tasks such as assign IP phones phone numbers? Im not sure exactly what a Call Manager does for me..

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Re: Setting Up a Call Manager

Your help was huge! Thanks!

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