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Setting up a CCVP home lab...

Hi all,

I'm trying to assemble equipment for a personal training lab to get handson as I work on CCVP. I'm still at an early stage and would like to ask some advice...

To date I have:

- One 2801 router with CME and Unity Express AIM with VIC2-2FXO and a 4 port POE ethernet card

- A few 7940 IP phones and some analog ones

- ATA186 unit

- Virtualized CCM 4.2(3) Call Manager Server cluster and Unity Server running on VMWare workstation

First question... how to best emulate the PSTN? I notice the Cisco Academy's use the Adtran Atlas 550. I'm guessing these are not cheap but is it the best way to do practice PRI / BRI config's and low level debug tests? (Short of having the real thing of course)

I'm debating getting a second 2801 router with SRST image to practice that configuration.

I would also like to be able to practice configuration of FXS,FXO,E/M,DID,BRI,PRI,etc

Seems I could do this on the 2801 if I had the following cards. Now I realize that the 2801 can only hold 4 cards at a time but if i swap them out as needed for doing specific labs it should be fine.

VWIC-1MFT-T1 1-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk-T1 (Voice and WAN)

VWIC-1MFT-E1 1-Port RJ-48 Multiflex Trunk-E1 (Voice and WAN)

VIC2-2BRI-NT/TE 2-port BRI voice/fax interface card (configurable for either network or terminal side)

VIC-2DID 2-port DID (direct inward dial) voice/fax interface card

VIC2-2E/M 2-port E&M voice/fax interface card

VIC2-2FXS 2-port FXS voice/fax interface card

VIC2-2FXO 2-port FXO voice/fax interface card

Should I be giving consideration to anything else here? This may seem like a basic question but can one use the equivalent of a T1 "Crossover Cable" to establish the "WAN link" between two T1 cards?

Thanks much for any advice...


Re: Setting up a CCVP home lab...

To emulate pstn the easiest way is to get a second router with a t1/e1 card on board. You will also need pvdms to support enough channels. You dont need a full pri, so you can leave with pvdm2-8 or pvdm2-16. You can simply make a t1 crossover between the pstn router and CPE, to simulate a full or fractional t1. One end of the router should be configured as network side (pstn router) and other end to user side (default). Clock on CPE will be set to line, while, clock on PSTN router will be set to internal. Pins on the t1 cross over cable that needs to be crossed are 1,2,4,5.

you can even emulate fxs to fxo back to back connection for pots line simulation.



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Re: Setting up a CCVP home lab...

Excellent lab you've got. Shankar provided very good information. I'm starting with CCM 4.2(3) and Unity in my company and I'd like to lab a cluster and ICT in VMWare but I could not pass at WINOS 4.4a SR installation (after hacking some of Registry). Do you have any link 4.2(3) to a web script or hardware detection tool to enable me run it on VMWare? Thanks a lot and success with your labs.

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Re: Setting up a CCVP home lab...

Scott, CCIE R&S has some good lab kits up for sale on Ebay: Here's the link:

Think he also offers some workbooks. Good luck.

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