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Setting up FXS/DID to Unified Communications Manager 6.0

I have UCM 6.0 and have added a 4-Port FXS/DID card to a 1760 Router running IOS 12.3(14)T4. I have 4 Analog Trunk lines running into the card that carry our 20 DID block.

I have successfully registered the FXS card with UCM, but when I place a call on those trunk lines, I receive a fast busy. I have also tried adding wink start signaling, but when I do the card is rejected in UCM.

We are running SCCP from the phones to UCM and MGCP from UCM to the router.

Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong?



Re: Setting up FXS/DID to Unified Communications Manager 6.0

In DID mode, a voice-enabled Cisco 1751 router or Cisco 1760 router can receive calls from a DID trunk and connect the caller to the appropriate extension. Outgoing calls are not allowed on DID voice ports. If an outgoing call is attempted, the caller will get a fast busy signal. Dial tone is not present on DID voice ports.

4-Port FXS/DID Voice Interface Card Support on the Cisco 1751 and Cisco 1760 Routers:

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