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Setting up PLAR with Cisco Unity Connection Call Handler

  This is a lab setup and Im doing it to learn.  No customer involvement.


Analog phones - FXS Port - 2951 Router - FXS port - FXO Port - 2951 Router - CUCM 9 - UC 9

                        |------------PSTN Emulator-------------|    |-----MGCP GW----------|

I have a CTI Route Point configured as DN 7000 and it has the default VM profile.  The CTI RP is set to FWD All to VM. 

The FXO port is set to PLAR to 7000.

When I dial from the PSTN analog phones through the FXO port, I hear the first ring, the FXO port answers, then I hear what sounds like the recorded message beginning to play.  Immediately after, I hear the recorded message "You cannot be transferred to this number.  Check the number and try again."

I dont do anything and within a second or two, I hear the recorded message for the system call handler start.

I did some more testing.  I added an E1 trunk between the PSTN and the MGCP gateway.  In the CUCM, I created another CTI Route Point with a DN that I could dial from my PSTN cloud.  I also set that CTI Route point up to Call FWD all to VM.

When I dial using the E1 trunk, the call hits the system call handler as expected and I hear my recorded greeting (as expected).

However, calling through the FXS-FXO tie line consistently gets me the error message recording followed by my recorded greeting.

Im currently using loopstart on the tie line, though I have also tried ground start with no difference.

Any ideas?


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