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SFTP Server recommendation

Can I get a recommendation on a SFTP server to use to back up CUCM and Unity Connection? I am not looking for freeware unless it is truly the best option.



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Re: SFTP Server recommendation

FreeFTPD is the best one i've come across, Cisco recommendation for this

easy to configure and hardly fails



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate
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Re: SFTP Server recommendation

I agree that it is the easiest and I use it as well, however there is a flow with it, when you reboot the sftp server the service will not automatically come up, at least I have not been able to get it to work that way. If you are looking for a robust freeware take a look at Cygwin, it's pain to configure but works reliably.


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Re: SFTP Server recommendation


Doing a back up of the callmanager has given me a rough time for some time now.

While configuring the back-up device,i get the following error over and over;

Update failed : Unable to access SFTP server. Please make sure the login credentials and path are correct.

Am using Core STFP server,everything is configured well on the sftp server as well as on the callmanager.

This is callmanager 6 that is giving this problem,the same setting works well for another deployment with callmanager 5.

I really dont know where the problem could be.

You say FreeTFPD is a good SFTP server,i downloaded it and installed it and i still get the same error-possibly i have not put in the settings correctly.

Has anyone encountered thia problem before?How did you resolve?

Can any of you refer me to a place where i can get some info on how to set up FreeTFPD correctly-there is very little info on their website.

Any help is welcome.

Re: SFTP Server recommendation

Take a look at one of my previous posts below, this has also worked with CUCM 6.x.

One other piece of advice, if you install it as a service, be sure to stop it before you open the application to make any changes and then restart it once you exit.



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