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shared appearance in centralized call process

this is from srnd :Cisco recommends that you do not deploy shared lines across branches, such that the devices sharing the line are in different branches.

but in clustering over wan, it says one of the cons is it supports shared line.

The key advantages of clustering over the WAN are:

?Single point of administration for users for all sites within the cluster

?Feature transparency

?Shared line appearances

Why clustering over wan is ok to support shared line and centralied not recommended?

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Re: shared appearance in centralized call process


For Shared Lines when clustering over the WAN, there may be advantages too. For example, if you have extension 1000 in Site A and Site B and each have a CCM subscriber. If the WAN link is down, the extension 1000 can be still be reachable on both sites, but to different phones.

Who knows, some people have such queer requirements.

And why it is not recommended is in the SRND under "Considerations for Shared Line appearances" or page 119 of the SRND for CCM4.x.

Cisco actually recommends not to deploy shared lines due to additional WAN Bandwidth taken.

Just my two cents, or one.



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