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Shared Line/Speed Dial combo in 5.x

Customer has all SCCP 79x0s with CCM 5.1 and are asking for a button to have ?auto dial and appearance?, they have been using the 7940 a week, along with CCMUser and don?t think AbbrDial/FastDials/Personal Directory meets their needs. Their old phone had lots of buttons, etc.

What is the CallManager 5.1 feature called where a button can be both a Shared Line and Speed Dial? I?m trying to find the URL if it requires a 79x1 or would it work with a 7960.

What are the caveats? Can they setup/manage via CCMUser?

I?ve been stuck on 4.1 a long time and recall seeing something about this in 5.x, but can?t find the details. I know 4.1 you could have either a shared line or a speed dial but not both.

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Re: Shared Line/Speed Dial combo in 5.x

the feature you are looking for is the BusyLamp/Speed dial setting and you can define this in the phone button template. i am pretty sure it is there in anything after 5.x but i have only deployed that feature with 6.0.1

edit: i just saw this to another post which has some good info in there.

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