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Shared Lines and Auto Select


Having a problem with shared lines in that User A has a line 1 user B has line 2. Line 1 is on both phones. User B would like to make a call, but when he picks up the phone, he intercepts a call for user A because line 1 was ringing when he picked up the reciever.

I have played with the auto line and auto call select options, but there was no change to this behavior. I am currently have this problem with 5.12, but also witnessed this in 4.x.

Is there a way to prevent users from inadvertantly intercepting calls on shared lines?


Re: Shared Lines and Auto Select

There is a CallManager Service Parameter under Clusterwide Parameters (Device - Phone) called "Always Use Prime Line"

User1 can have Line1(the shared one) on Button1 of his phone, and User2 should have Line2 on Button1 and Line1(the shared one) on Button2 of his phone. If the shared one appears on button1 of both phones this will not work.

This is the description from Cisco Parameter Help.

"This parameter specifies whether the primary line on an IP phone will be selected, if available, when the user goes off-hook. If this parameter is set to True, when a phone goes off-hook, the primary line gets chosen and becomes the active line. Even if a call is ringing on the user's second line, going off-hook makes only the first line active; it does not answer the ringing call on the second line. In this case, the user must choose he second line to answer the call. If this parameter is set to False, the IP phone automatically chooses an available line as the active line.

This is a required field.

Default: false."


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Re: Shared Lines and Auto Select


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