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Sharing H323 gateway with multiple tenants


Does anyone have recommendations for setting up a H323 gateway with SRST for two tenants each with their own analog trunks?  They will be sharing the CM server (which is offsite) and are on the same internal network.  I was hoping to use a single H323 gateway to service both.  We normally use H323 gateways at remote sites with MGCP gateways at the main sites where the CM servers reside.

We were thinking of creating separate CSS/PT/RPs for each customer and then adding a prefix for one customer's outbound calls which would use a different set of dial peers.  However, if the WAN link is down then I'm not sure how to do the prefixing for calls from customer B so they don't use customer A's trunks in SRST mode.  Is there way to do it with translation patterns based on the calling number?

We were originally going to share a PRI between them and do separate trunk groups for each of them but then the billing gets messed up since it's not possible distinguish LD and toll calls based on caller id but only ANI to which the PRI is registered.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!



Re: Sharing H323 gateway with multiple tenants

Your question is a bit confusing.

Yes, it is possible to set up classes of restriction and separate A and B in SRST.  It doesn't scale very well, but it can be done.  You'd need to use the dial-peer cor custom and dial-peer cor list commands to get this all set up, along with some commands in the call-manager-fallback section of the config to specify which DN's belong to which class of restriction.  It's a complex problem worthy of the CCIE lab, but it can be done.

I don't get your issue about them sharing a PRI.  That's absolutely possible, and billing really shouldn't be an issue as long as you're passing the ANI to the carrier when you hand off the calls.  The carrier should be able to provide you detail level billing on this, but if they don't you can still do it yourself as long as they provide full CDR that has it in there.  A and B should have separate numbers, if they didn't you wouldn't be able to do this with analog ports either.

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