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Show original Called Number on ipphone when receiving a call


We provide helpdesk services for our customers. Our customers all have their own helpdesknumber that they use to call us.

Up until now every helpdesk employee had several shared octolines on his/her phone, one for each customer (and also matching a specific called number for that customer). Like this:

Called numer 43 123 456 78 -> matches octo-dn 11 (=Customer A)

Called number 43 987 654 32 -> matches octo-dn 12 (=Customer B).


Every ephone on the helpdesk would have the following button configuration 1:11, 2:12 etc.

This way the helpdesk employee could see which customer was calling, because of the matched called number.

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to convert this to a B-ACD system with hunt-groups, etc. What i've done so far is this:

I've created dialpeers with incoming called-number 43 123 456 78 (customer A) and incoming called-number 43 987 654 32 (Customer B).

These dialpeers point to the same B-ACD service using the B-ACD script privided by Cisco.

The script puts the calls into the hunt-group in which the helpdesk phones are configured.

All helpdesk phones have been reconfigured with personal numbers (101, 102, 103 etc).

What happens now is that all the incoming calls are coming in on the primary line of the helpdesk phones (which makes sense of course), but this way I'm losing my option to determine the original called number and so the helpdesk employees do not know who is being called for.

Is there a way to let them show the original called number on their phones?

Or should I make my setup different? I really want  the helpdesk employees to use the features of call queuing and logging in and out using HLog so my guess is that this is the right way to go.




Oops, forgot to mention that this is about CME 8.6 on a 2801

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Show original Called Number on ipphone when receiving a call

You can use my modified B-ACD/AA that support associating names to queues.

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