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Silent Monitorinng

After upgrading UCCX from 5.x to 8.5 SU2 ( via 7.1.5) on a recent deployment two issues that came across related to silent monitoring are

1. Silent Monitoring did not worked for half of the agents

2. There was a delay of 20-25 sec in monitoring some of the agents.

issue 2 got resolved after we noticed that ports used for VOIP monitoring on UCCX 8.5 were still showing ports used in ver 7.x, this is a well known issue and it is documented in one of the Cisco BUG. Cisco TAC uses a utility called LDAP browser that you can install on your computer/laptop and then go innto UCCX and modify the ports. You will need to restart the UCCX cluster after this change to see the changes

issue 1 took long time, we had two agent machines running same set of software ( AV and Windows FA, Broadcome Netxtreme gigabit NIC card , HP microtower desktop ) intrestingly it was working on some but not on others. The way we isolated it to be a desktop issue is

1. Move an agent from non-working PC to working PC and we noticed that we are able to monitor the agent that we were not able when he was on non-working PC

2. We than swapped phones ( 7941) from a working PC to a non-working PC and we still couldnt monitor the agent working from non-working PC.

we also ran wireshark while agent was taking calls but did not see any RTP packets coming from phone to PC. These tests confirmed that it is something on PC.

What was strange is all the PCs were running same set of software and hardware.

When we disabled AV on non-working PC silent monitoring started working. Trend Micro AV has a inbuilt FW that was blocking RTP packets. I believe TM suggested to disable FW and maybe add an exception for CAD to make this work.

Few other things that can cause silent monitoring issues are

1. make sure you has QOS RSVP service running on desktop

2. There is no shared line on phone or IPCC extension that you are monitoring

3. IPCC extension should have max calls 4 and busy trigger set to 1

4. Physical phone should be a controlled device for application user responsible for IPCC rmjatpi

5. Physical phone should have G722 disbled, SPAN enabled.

hope this will help

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