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Simple Call-fwd is not working

Hello There,

Extn "A" forwards all calls to Extn " B " , If no Answer on " B " again the calls have to come Extn "A" 's voicemail..

But its keep on ringing Extn B and not coming back to " A "

Let me know where I need to check the settings

CUCM Version : 8.6

No Voicemail configured for B

With Best Regards,



Simple Call-fwd is not working

Hello Bala, you can try enabling the CFA Override service parameter and check it.

This parameter determines whether Cisco CallManager ignores call forward all  (CFA) destinations when the CFA destination is the same as the calling party  number. For example, John (on Phone A) has CFA set to Jane (on Phone B). With  this parameter enabled, Jane has the ability to transfer a call to John's phone  without having that same call sent back to Jane due to John's CFA setting. This  capability proves useful when Jane receives a call forwarded from John's phone,  but which must go back to John's phone so that the caller can leave a voice  message for John. If this parameter is set to False, Jane cannot send any calls  to John's phone and the caller will not be able to leave a voice message for  John. Note: This override capability only works when the calling party number  matches precisely with the number specified in the call forward all destination.  In cases where the calling party number has been transformed, the calling party  number may not match the CFA destination and override will not be allowed. Valid  values specify True (CFA overrides are permitted) or False (CFA overrides are  not permitted).
  This is a required field.
  Default:  False
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Simple Call-fwd is not working

Hi Bala,

In addition to the tips from Suresh (+5 )

The only setting that will accomplish what you want here is for

Ext B to have Forward No Answer set to go to voicemail even though

they don't have a voicemail box.

When the call forwards back to VM after not being answered @ Ext B

the system will see the originally dialed number as Ext A's and will

go to that mailbox.



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