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simple Q on voice/data vlan

hi guys,

I know that when configuring a switch port to support both voice and data vlan, we add the following commands:

switchport access vlan x

switchport voice vlan y

switchport mode access

my question simply is this: why does this port considered and configured as access port not trunk, since from first look it seems it has to be trunk due to handling two vlans .. so why is it configured as access port?


Re: simple Q on voice/data vlan

It is configured as an access point because it does not have to trunk down to the Cisco IP phone for the phone to know which Vlan to send voice packets out on

When the phone first boots up you will notice that it says configuring Vlan. What it is really doing is telling the switch that it is a phone through CDP. The phone will then mark all packets on the voice vlan automaticly.


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Re: simple Q on voice/data vlan

Hi UC,

Have a look at the following;

Understanding Voice VLAN

From this doc;

Have a look at this great description by Narayan, he explains this in a most consise and easy to understand manner;

Hope this helps!


EDIT: Jason, you are too fast for my hapless typing abilities :)

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