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Single phone rebooting

I have this single phone that is rebooting every morning. I have done some research and looks like I'm hitting this bug:

CSCtj79853 -- memory leak leading to kernel panic and phone reboots

The bug though, suggests that the known affected release was 9.0(2), but the phone that is having the problem is loaded with firmware version SCCP45.9-3-1SR2-1S. ICMP redirect is not enabled on our network and I have disabled ICMP redirect on the PC that is connected to the phone (this was the work around presented on the above cited bug), however issue still persists. The fact that the phone has been replaced with a new unit, the cable has been changed and the phone has been reconnected to other vacant ports on the switch but issue is still happening suggest that something on the user's PC is causing the phone to reboot (but I do not know what that is) (note that the user is saying the reboot is happpening randomly, not by the time he powers his PC on and logs in). Anyone who has come across the same problem and had found a solution?

Thanks in advance to those who'll reply.


Since you have already

Since you have already replaced the phone, cable and also swapped ports, i would suggest the following options:

> Try connecting this IP phone to a different PC ( where another IP phone of same model is connected and working fine ) and see if the issue follows the phone.

> Format the PC and try connecting to the IP phone with minimum essential software. Keep adding the additional software after verifying that the existing one is not causing any issues, this will help identify any software which is causing the issue.

> Last resort would be to set up packet captures and collect them until the issue is reported from the IP phone. These can be analyzed to see what is causing the phone to reboot.



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