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SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found error


I've a CCME 4.x with SCCP phones. Now I need to reach the PSTN via SIP.

So I've set-up a VOIP dial-peer but it doesn't work.

I've enabled all SIP logging and I've read this error: SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found

and then

Number of Media Streams: 1

Media Stream : 1

Negotiated Codec : No Codec

Negotiated Codec Bytes : 0

Negotiated Dtmf-relay : 0

Dtmf-relay Payload : 0

Source IP Address (Media):

Source IP Port (Media): 17454

Destn IP Address (Media):

Destn IP Port (Media): 0

Orig Destn IP Address:Port (Media):

Anyone knows if the configuration of DSP on my router is necessary to permit the communication via SIP between SCCP phones registered on CCME and external phones?

Anyone knows what is the meaning on the error SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found?

Thanks in advance



Re: SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found error

There may be no requirement for DSP in this case. The codec used between the CME and IP Phone reflects whatever codec is negotiated during call setup. There is a command under ephone configuration that allows users to change the codec used between IP Phones registered to the same CME.

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Re: SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found error


I've verified that I can't set codec g711alaw under ephone configuration but only codec g711ulaw and g729r8.

Now the 124-11.T IOS works on my 2821 router.

If I need to use codec g711alaw on SIP trunk, do I have to use DSP for transcoding?

Thanks in advance


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Re: SIP/2.0 480 No Routes Found error

Can you post your config here

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