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SIP call leaving a message in Unity, disconnect after 60 sec

Hi, I have a setup of CallManager 6.0, to a CUBE, to a SIP trunk. When someone calls in from the SIP trunk(ITSP) and gets to unity to leave a voice mail. The call disconnects after exacly 60 secondes after the start of the message.

i did the following tests:

1-I tried to call from an internal phone, and even from a normal outside PSTN DID, and i can leave longer messages.

2-from the SIP trunk, if after 45 secs, of leaving a message, i enter the "*" key, Unity gives me some options and i can then add to the message, so i know it's not a length in unity issue.

3-I looked at the Unity ports as well as some SIP debugs, and it looks like SIP is hanging up just before Unity is.

4-I also have Unified Mobility installed, which when I call in from my cell phone, and hang up, it puts the call on hold on my office extension. I was testing with my cell phone, and after the 60 sec message, my cell phone hanged up, and i realised that the call was put on hold on my office desk phone. I resumed the call and got the unity menu options, asking me if i want to send the message and so on... Which tells me, that it's not really unity hanging up, but the sip trunk.

I contacted my provider, and they say it's an issue on my end.

I tried the following commands :

voice service voip


midcall-signaling passthru


timers expires 70000

any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: SIP call leaving a message in Unity, disconnect after 60 sec

Please paste you entire configuration.

Do you have anything configured under 'gateway'

like media detection and timer-recieve RTP

These actually control timeouts, and depending on how these are set it can cause unity to disconnect early.

Please paste you config so I can answer!


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