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SIP Call Transfer and Call Forwarding Supplementary Services Hookflash

Hi...thanks for taking the time to look at this....

I have an issue where i have configured service DSAPP globally to enable hookflash for SIP to enable supplementary services for analouge phones connected off the routers FXS ports.  I am running IOS 15.0 M2.

I can sucesffuly invoke hookflash and do call waiting, call hold and 3 party conference, but I cannot get call transfer to work.

I founf this article which states that I need to use a TCL script to invoke call transfer ( bline consult etc)

My qestions are:

1:  Do transfers ( blind/Consult etc) need to be invoked via TCL script when pressing hookflash

2:  Would the TCL script then need to perfom the following too ?

2a:  Call Hold

2b:  Call Waiting

2c:  3 party Conference

3:  Would impelenting under POTS/VoIUP dial-peers service TCL-APPLICATION-NAME change behavior of service DSAPP under dial-peer configuration(even if Service DSAPP is enabled Globally to invoke Hookflash Support) ?

4:  Has anyone else done this/Do they have a sample TCL script that I could possible get/use/modify as a starting point ?

Basis for these questions comes from the following Cisco document

SIP Call Transfer and Call Forwarding Supplementary Services

in which it states the following:

The SIP Call Transfer and Call Forwarding Supplementary Services feature is supported only through TCL IVR 2.0 and VoiceXML applications.


Before implementing blind transfer and call forwarding, a custom TCL IVR 2.0 script must be written that implements call transfer and call forwarding functionality.

Kind regards


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