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SIP calls getting disconnected when dialing off-net number


here is my config:

cucm 8.5

cisco router as gateway to PSTN

bunch of cisco and dlink ip phones and CIPC

everything works properly and all SIP and SCCP phones can connect to each other and dial off-net numbers by dialing 9 as prefix.

I installed SIP soft-phone like x-lite on windows and csip on android and  they can communicate with each other and the rest of ip phones.

The problem is when I dial off-net number with SIP soft phone(x-lite or csip), call disconnects shortly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Cisco Employee

Hello, what is the duration



what is the duration of the calls stay active ? Did you test with any other SIP phone (Cisco) does it work? Can you pull the ccm traces?


what is the topology




Nadeem ahmed

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New Member

Thank you Nadeem, the call

Thank you Nadeem,


the call does not establish at all. it gets disconnected after 2 or 3 seconds. I configured CIPC with SIP and it works properly.

could you tell me where should I look for cucm traces or show me the reference to that?

my gateway is configured with H.323 and there is FXO ports connecting to analog PSTN lines


Thanks again for your time.

Cisco Employee

Hello Alen, Well there couple

Hello Alen,


Well there couple of things needs to be checked.

1) checked in the ccm traces? Is SIP messages (Invite is being sent out or not) what is the response of it?

2) if calls is hitting the H.323 gateway and going out over the fxo line.

3) then take debug voice vtsp all and vpm signal along ccapi inout to check what is error/response message is getting from PSTN side.


Follow the above step in order to isolate the issue and proceed accordingly.




Br, Nadeem Please rate all useful post.
New Member

ok. let me check traces and

ok. let me check traces and see what I can grab from there.



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